How much is an emergency dentist?

Emergency dentist costs

How much is an emergency dentist?

Dental spending reached £2.2 billion in 2021*, with a percentage of this having been spent on emergency dentist costs. Whilst the amount that brits spend on dental treatments has fluctuated dramatically over the past decade; there is no denying that it is one expense that people cannot avoid. As much as we can all look after our teeth and hope for the best, an emergency dental visit will likely crop up for all adults at one point. The statistics also support this, with 47% of people having had to book an emergency visit within the past year. 

Whether you have booked a private dentist’s appointment for a faster, better level of service or you are experiencing a shortage of UK-based NHS dentists, it is important to understand what costs you will face. Whilst your problem will likely be a new experience for you, dentists see thousands of patients every year for emergencies, so they will be well prepared on how to rectify your issue. As a result, costs for many treatments will also be pre-determined, meaning you can gain a good idea of what you will need to spend. 

As one of the top private dentists in Manchester, we proudly offer competitively priced services for emergencies and standard appointments. Pricing for emergency appointments within the city starts from £50, with our emergency bookings being £55 for a consultation and treatment plan. Whilst no price can be put on feeling comfortable and healthy, we understand that dental treatment can be a daunting prospect on the pocket. Carry on reading to find out more about emergency dentist costs.

How do I know if I need an emergency dental appointment?

Knowing your own oral health, it will be clear if you suddenly experience an issue that is outside of the norm. Emergency appointments should be considered if you are experiencing chronic pain that immediately affects your ability to live everyday life. Whether the result of an ongoing dental issue or an unexpected accident, if you experience any of the following dental problems, you should book an emergency appointment as soon as you can:

Bleeding – This can be a sign of gum disease, infection, a damaged tooth, or even a wider health issue that a dental professional will be able to support you with.

An infection, abscess or open sore – These uncomfortable problems can not only cause infection to spread but also lead to more complex dental damage. They will also not heal themselves, so treatment and aftercare are essential.

Broken or chipped teeth – Either the result of a nasty accident or a dental decay issue, emergency treatment should be sought to eliminate the chance of further damage and to ensure the rest of the teeth are not going to be compromised

Toothache – As well as being a horrible situation to have to deal with, a toothache can represent both dental and other health-related issues, so it should be treated swiftly. At an emergency appointment, your dentist will find out what is causing the pain and let you know what your options are for resolving it.

Dental emergencies will leave you feeling stressed and unwell, so we recommend calling your dentist at the first signs of a problem to get things sorted quickly. 

Why is it important to seek emergency dental care?

Not seeking dental support when needed will lead to further issues that will not only be uncomfortable but also cause you to have to spend unnecessarily. Our emergency consultations start from £55, with our dental treatment fees showcasing the price you will likely need to pay to resolve your emergency. If you delay getting the treatment you need, what could have been a simple fix may result in a costly trip to the dentist, which spans over a longer period. 

How much are Didsbury Dental Practice Emergency dentist costs?

As mentioned, the cost of an emergency dental consultation is £55. For this price, you benefit from the following:

  • Rapidly available appointments across seven days a week
  • 24/7 telephone support from our knowledgeable team of dental professionals
  • A full consultation, including the creation of your bespoke treatment plan
  • Additional support for nervous patients, including treatment with state-of-the-art dental lasers and sedation

During this consultation, you will be given various options that our professionals feel are suitable for treatment to ensure you achieve the best results possible.

When a dental emergency occurs, you will need to have an X-Ray to ascertain the severity of the issue and check the condition of your other teeth. Prices for this start from just £15, with all treatments, carried out on-site using professional technology. Once your dentist has a complete view of what needs to be done to resolve your issue, further procedures can be booked.  

Should you need a hygiene review and treatment to alleviate discomfort or eliminate the emergency from reoccurring, our appointments start from £15. Treatments include plaque removal, descaling, gum health checks, and removal of calculus above the gums. If you are experiencing chronic pain, this will likely only be an additional treatment as the root cause still needs to be sorted out. 

If it is deemed that surgical treatment is your best option, these prices start from £89 and range up to £150 depending on the needed procedure’s complexity. The more standard procedures include simple tooth extractions, not including any bone removal. If you have a broken or infected tooth, this is likely the treatment path that will be chosen. The prices reflect the complex nature of surgery and aftercare for more complicated extractions, including teeth at risk of fracture or bone removal. 

One of the most common causes of toothache is an infected or damaged tooth, which a filling can fix. Emergency fillings, which can be used when another treatment is needed or before a longer appointment is available, cost £50. As a private practice, we can offer high-quality fillings for NHS dentists. We, therefore, in addition to the standard silver filling (£75) provide white filings for £95 and glass ionomers for £65. Not only can we resolve your emergency issue in record time, but we can leave your smile looking exactly like it did previously.

Another common cause of toothache is root canals, a more serious condition that needs speedy treatment. In fact, over one million root canals are performed every year, making it one of the most widespread procedures. Emergency removal of infected nerve tissue with temporary pain relief costs £280. Sometimes you will need to wait for a complete root canal to be carried out, so this is the best way to alleviate any discomfort during the interim period. There are then three different types of root canals which are a treatment for incisors and canines (£350), premolars (£450) and molars (£650). 

Our other dental fees also highlight any aftercare treatment that may be needed, such as implants (from £800) or orthodontic treatment (from £1500).

Does the price of private dental care differ depending on the regional location?

Just like differences in the cost of living based on area, dentistry prices also fluctuate depending on where you are. These prices are, however, not huge jumps between locations as, like NHS dentistry, private professionals keep costs as standardised as possible to ensure that treatment is available for everyone. 

Prices in London are the highest at 26% above the average throughout the rest of the UK. This probably comes as no surprise, with most services in our capital city costing more than elsewhere. The average price for a consultation is £65, which is £10 higher than our costs. Cities do tend to command a slightly higher price tag, but they do also offer the convenience of having emergency appointments in many locations, so you are paying for the accessibility of having our problem sorted quickly. 

We promise to ALWAYS remain price competitive and continue to offer 24/7 emergency dental support that does not change the price depending on when the appointment is booked.

How can I pay for my emergency dental treatment?

You can either pay for treatment outright or via our payment plans. Most private dentists in the UK support both forms of payment. You can also look into dental insurance, which is an industry expected to be worth £886.7 million by the end of 2023.

Our dental finance plans are subject to standard credit acceptance and can be tailored to suit your circumstances. We don’t want anyone to suffer, so we aim to make professional dentistry accessible to everyone. If you choose to take out one of our finance plans, you will still need to pay for your consultation and a treatment deposit which your dental practitioner will be able to advise you of the price.

Do you need treatment?

Whilst private emergency dentist costs are higher than what you would pay with the NHS, you stand the best chance of getting the treatment that you need in a timely manner. If you need emergency care, please don’t suffer in silence. Contact our friendly team today who will take the worry away from needing unexpected treatment.

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