How much does it cost for an emergency tooth extraction?

How much does it cost for an emergency tooth extraction?

How much does it cost for an emergency tooth extraction?

An emergency tooth extraction is probably something you don’t want to think much about in hopes that it won’t happen to you. However, with 74% of adults having had teeth removed, there is a high chance that this dental woe may present itself to you at some point!

When a dental emergency strikes, it is a good idea to know what options you have in front of you to alleviate your discomfort as soon as possible. Toothache can cause pain not just in the mouth but also create headaches and neckaches, which will leave you feeling not great. It is also clear that people in the UK are worried about the price of the dentist, with over 33% of people saying they don’t go to the dentist as it is too expensive

The last thing you want to deal with when you are already in pain is worrying about how much you will need to pay to feel human again. That is why we make all our dental treatment fees easy for you to find. But how much does an emergency tooth extraction cost, and what are your options? Let’s find out.

What causes a need for an emergency tooth extraction to take place?

If you have ever needed to have an emergency extraction, you will know what dull recurring pain feels like. As much as you can try your best to look after your oral hygiene, tooth extraction can arise out of the blue, so it is not always possible to pre-empt this unwanted treatment. 

The most common reasons for needing an emergency extraction are:

  • Severe tooth decay, which has led to rotting or damage to the root and gum. This can be stopped if you make regular appointments for dental check-ups and also regularly book in to see a dental hygienist.
  • If a tooth has been broken and cannot be saved. This could result from an accident or something as simple as chomping down on a piece of food that is too hard. Whilst our teeth are hardy and durable; they are not indestructible, so emergency treatment to remove a broken tooth is common. Leaving a damaged tooth in place will not only mean you experience pain for longer, but it could also end up causing harm to other teeth. Follow-up treatments after a tooth extraction include dental implantsdentures, and cosmetic dentistry.
  • If an abscess or infection around a tooth has formed, it could mean that the tooth needs to be removed to eliminate the infection. There is as much as 46% that an adult may experience this type of oral infection during their lifetime. Leaving an abscess alone with not mean it clears up by itself. If it has caused damage and infection within the tooth, jaw, or gum, then an extraction is the best way to stop the infection from spreading further. 

Whatever your reason for needing to have a tooth removed, when it is causing extreme pain or is putting your more comprehensive oral health at risk, an emergency extraction is always recommended. 

How much does an emergency tooth extraction cost?

As with any dental treatment, you have two options for which form of treatment you decide to choose: private or NHS. 

If you choose to obtain treatment from an NHS dental practice, this will fall into the Band 2 costings. This means the cost to have a tooth extracted on the NHS is £65.20. This price will include the consultation and post-op check-up but not cover any other potential treatments that may be needed as a result, such as orthodontic care or tooth replacements.

Depending on the type of tooth extraction needed, you can expect to pay anything from £50 – £370 for a private tooth removal. This price will generally include all pre and post-treatment care. Still, it will also likely include additional support and dental options that the NHS cannot provide.  

At Didsbury Dental Practice, our price for tooth extraction is £280. This price includes access to our 24/7 emergency care treatment and quick resolution of your discomfort thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. Remaining price competitive is extremely important to us as it continues our pledge to upgrade the level of dentistry care that people across the UK have access to. By revolutionising emergency treatments and taking the stress element out, we can offer affordable care on the same day you need it. We also appreciate that not everyone has access to these funds straight away, which is why we offer dental finance plans to help you pay for emergencies at a later date. 

What benefits are there to choosing a private dentist for an emergency tooth extraction?

Whilst the cost element may mean it is tempting to see an NHS dentist, you do also need to consider the other factors that go into needing emergency treatment.  

Time – Let’s face it, emergencies don’t wait until a convenient time to strike. When you are in pain and need quick treatment, you must do what is best for your health and well-being. In worst cases, NHS waiting lists can see patients waiting as long as 18 weeks for oral surgery. NHS dentists also tend to be open only during working hours, Monday to Friday, so getting an emergency slot can be tricky. 

Our private dental practice offers a 24/7 dental triage service. Open for patient care 365 days a year; we offer same-day appointments and speedy treatment for all emergency needs. Due to various impacting factors, there is a shortage of NHS dentists in the UK, that is undeniable. The risk of delaying treatment whilst you wait for an appointment could mean you end up with a much larger bill than initially expected!

Quality of Care – As much as the NHS do a great job, we are not disputing that. However, their dental practitioners are bound by strict time constraints that mean they do not always get to deliver the same quality of care that a private practice can. A private dentist will offer you longer appointments, bespoke treatment plans, and more one-on-one time with your dental professional so that any questions can be answered.  As one of the best private dentists in Manchester, we pride ourselves on the care that we can offer.

Environment – NHS dentists will all have a traditional dental environment as this is what their budgets allow for. Our practice showcases how important it is to have a calming atmosphere, especially for nervous patients. If you are already stressed due to a painful emergency, the last thing you want to be greeted with is that unmistakable dental smell and a cold feeling waiting room. Our surgery has been designed so that no matter how much pain you are in, you will feel a sense of calmness when you enter. 

Onward Cost – As we have mentioned, sometimes a tooth extraction resolves a dental issue immediately, but onward treatment is needed in other circumstances. NHS treatment bands do not cover all required care and can quickly result in a climbing cost when additional care is needed. Private dentists allow you to see from the outset what fees you are likely to be liable for and often offer you affordable ways to plan for future treatment.

Can I go back to my NHS dentist if I choose to have emergency private dental treatment?

Of course, you can. When you choose to have your emergency resolved by a private dentist, that doesn’t mean you are bound to that surgery forever.

We would always recommend booking an appointment to have your situation dealt with as soon as possible so as not to cause any complications, and there is a high chance that this will not be with your regular NHS dentist. Whilst you can revisit your NHS dentist for future needs, we would, however, recommend that you stick with your private dental practitioner for any treatment that is needed as a follow-up to your emergency care.

A private dentist will hold all the standard medical records that would be collected with any other form of care, so your NHS dentist will have complete transparency regarding the treatment you have received.

What is the process for an emergency tooth extraction with Didsbury Dental Practice?

We make the process of having emergency dental work carried out simple. 

  1. Please get in touch with our team to book an appointment at your first sign of pain. All our telephone personnel are also trained to advise over the phone and will do their best to make you more comfortable before your visit.
  2. Come into our practice at a time that suits you for a one-on-one treatment that can be carried out at your own pace.
  3. Once your emergency care has been provided, our team will let you know what your own bespoke follow-up treatment plan is if further care is recommended. 
  4. Even if further treatment is unnecessary, we would always recommend a follow-up appointment which is also included with your treatment cost. 

Just like that, your dental emergency has been resolved. If you suspect that you may need an emergency tooth extraction,  please call us on 0161 445 0005 or book an appointment online.

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