This year invest in your Smile and Fresh Breath with our Quick Smile treatment

An immediate and stunning solution to lighten and brighten
your teeth without the need for bleaching!

Our Superfriendly Team of Hygienists recognised that modern clients wanted more than just a routine clean and polish.

Choose one of our three wonderfully new Hygiene
treatments now to attain a sparkling smile!

1. Quick Smile


A 20 minute simple clean and polish to refresh the smiles of people on the go!

2. Ultraclean


Our most popular process using our fantastic 'AirJet Spray' method, we gently buff the teeth with a High Gloss Diamond paste.
Most Popular

3. Ultraclean


This package will include a scale & polish, airjet spray and a 30-minute teeth whitening session.
Most Popular

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Whitening Systems

We offer sensational and safe Quick Smile Teeth
Whitening Systems in the form of…

• Home whitening £345.
• In-Office Laser Whitening £550.
• Ultimate effect combined whitening system £650.

Let us help you discover your hidden smile!