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Teeth whitening dentistry at Didsbury Dental Practice, Manchester

Teeth whitening dentistry is now one of the most popular choices of cosmetic dental treatment and can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to enhance the appearance of your smile. As we get older our teeth naturally darken and can become stained through our lifestyle choices of drinking lots of coffee, tea or red wine for example, or bad habits such as smoking.

Teeth whitening can help to reverse the effects of aging and discolouration, helping you to achieve a sparkling, natural smile. We offer a choice of methods for whitening your teeth that can either be performed here at the practice in less than an hour or from the comfort of your own home for guaranteed results over the space of around two weeks.

In-surgery whitening can give intense and noticeable results in the space of your lunch hour! A special gel is applied directly to your teeth and a UV light applied that reacts with the gel to quickly lighten the tooth colour, a process that takes only around 60 minutes.

Home whitening kits can be supplied for you to whiten at your convenience. Impressions of your teeth are taken and special customised trays are made. These trays are filled with a special whitening gel and worn for specific periods during the day or night for long-lasting, truly effective results.

Teeth whitening is totally safe, virtually pain-free and suitable for the majority of people and can only be legally carried out by a registered dental professional, definitely not by a hairdresser or beautician. We always perform a thorough consultation before treatment starts to ensure teeth whitening is suitable for you.


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How Is Teeth Whitening Done?

Teeth whitening can help to reverse the effects of ageing and discolouration, helping you to achieve a sparkling, natural smile. It works to such an extent that in-surgery whitening can give intense and noticeable results in the space of just one hour. With such strong and quick benefits, people can only wonder how exactly the procedure works.

Teeth whitening is usually done using one of two tooth bleaches (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). These bleaches break stains into smaller pieces, which makes the colour less concentrated and your teeth much brighter. Essentially, dentists will bleach your teeth to a much brighter colour for noticeable results almost immediately.

Both hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide will be carefully administered by trained professionals to prevent harm and maximise the desired effect. Traditionally, dental offices will employ 35% to 37% carbamide peroxide, or 15% to 35% hydrogen peroxide. Alongside this, they may also use a concentrated light or laser to activate and accelerate the chemical formula. This helps dentists to bleach the teach as white as possible, with lasers and light used to concentrate the formula on more hard-to-administer areas.

Alternatively, there are a number of different options for whitening your teeth and putting the shine back into your life; in-office bleaching, also known as chairside bleaching, is a 1-visit procedure where dentists will apply a protective gel or rubber shield to your gums whilst they apply bleach to your teeth. The bleach will then be left to sit for a period of time before being removed for your teeth to be checked over and treated. After that, you’ll be good to go with your freshly-whitened teeth.

Teeth Whitening

What Are The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening?

There is a range of reasons for people choosing to get their teeth whitened. It is one of the most harmless yet impactful cosmetic procedures available, with the chance to completely redefine your whole look with no risk. So, what are the main reasons that people are getting their teeth whitened?

Primarily, people are getting their teeth whitened to remove discolouration and stains. Discolouration or stains on your teeth can happen with age or because of certain lifestyle choices, such as the foods you are eating and the liquids you are drinking. Most whitening products are designed with this in mind and work to break down and bleach the problem areas until they are as white as new.

Self-esteem is massive in today’s society – as such, it is another main reason behind teeth whitening. Because of a whiter, brighter and healthier-looking smile, you’ll normally find that people are happier to smile and will smile more often. Having a yellowed and dull-looking smile can dissuade people from smiling more often, so by using a corrective teeth whitening procedure, they can get back to being their normal happy selves.

For the more medically inclined, the chance of reducing bacteria from teeth whitening can be an attractive choice. Many whitening products are designed to kill bacteria that can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Whilst you improve your cosmetic look, you can also put a significant boost in your physical health and protect yourself against infection.

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of teeth whitening is its cost-effectiveness. Many practices offer the procedure for very competitive prices, which can be a great and cheap investment in your long-term health. Practices such as Didsbury Dental Practice complete teeth whitening appointments for as little as £150 and appointments can be completed within an average lunch break. Why not take a look at their options, and see what you can do to improve your dental health?

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