Top 5 Private Dentists Manchester

Top 5 Private Dentists Manchester

Top 5 Private Dentists Manchester

Private dentists are a popular choice for 28% of people and many more when it comes to emergency treatment needs. Due to the strain that the NHS is under, as many as 54% of people say they have found it difficult to book an appointment in 2022. This signals a trend for increasing numbers of people likely to swap more reliable, private practices. 

Whilst some people may choose to undertake NHS treatment for cost reasons, many private dental practices do not offer payment plans and discount rates, making this type of treatment attainable for more people. Private dental practices also provide a broader range of treatments, can often accommodate treatments sooner, offer longer, more bespoke appointments, and provide a high level of specialist knowledge. Private practices are also suitable for patients of any age and are often recommended for those who fear visiting due to their exclusive, luxury feel.

Private dentists Manchester based are in high demand, with the metropolitan city being home to over half a million people. This is reflected in reports that people in Greater Manchester and broader areas are struggling to find dental support. With over 2 million adults having to travel more than 40 miles to access dental care, we wanted to showcase the top private dental practices that are operating in Manchester. Whilst there are lots of other options and plenty of others that offer a mix of NHS and private treatments, we have chosen our top five based on the services that they offer, overall branding, and availability that they offer to the patient.

Here are our top five private dentists Manchester:

Didsbury Dental Practice – 90 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M20 2PN

Why not start with our practice which is based in the south of Manchester? Conveniently located on Marlow Moor Road, our practice has been designed to feel warm and welcoming without the traditional cold and clinical feel you may expect. We do, of course, have sleek equipment and a spotless finish but have made it our aim to remove the fear of attending the dentist that some people experience. 

By reinventing the dental experience, we can offer a broad range of services and personalised treatment plans. We also offer a 24/7 emergency service as we understand that dental disasters don’t wait until a convenient time to happen! To support patients at any time, we always have our phone lines open and try to accommodate walk-in patients in their time of need.  

At Didsbury Dental Practice, we have also worked hard to ensure we can offer not just regular dental services but also orthodontic, impact, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry covering everything from Invisalign® treatment to teeth whitening. Another unique service we offer is specialist adaptations for nervous patients consisting of dental lasers and the option of sedation. By adapting how we can provide treatments, we have maintained our commitment to improving the standard of dentistry for our patients. 

Our website has been designed to be a knowledge hub, with everything you need to know included in one handy place. Whilst we are always on hand to speak on the phone, we know that people often want to see the answers immediately. You will also find some of our Google testimonials on our website, which showcase just how happy our clients are. 

Transparency is also super important to us, hence why we have a complete pricing guide available online. This means that you have an idea of how much your treatment may cost before attending. We also wanted to ensure our patients know they are getting the best value in terms of the quality treatment and the price. We also offer dental financing plans, which come in handy in times of an emergency, as well as a range of special offers to give back.

Our passion is providing excellent dental treatment to the people of Manchester, which we are confident in saying that we offer. Being there for you in your time of need, on hand for routine appointments, and supporting you with cosmetic improvements, no request is too much of an ask. 

City Centre Dentist – 31 Booth St, Manchester M2 4AF

Next on our list is the City Centre Dentist, which is based right in the heart of the city. Their fully accessible practice is perfect for welcoming all patients and has been doing so for over 50 years. The practice has over 20 team members with various specialists who cover all areas of dental and implant services.

Treatments range from general to cosmetic in purpose, and they also offer a consultation service called their ‘solutions’ treatment to create tailored plans for each of their patients. Their position as one of the best private dental practices in Manchester is also confirmed by their position as a trusted partner with many dentists in and around the local area. By acting as a trusted associate via their referrals programme, they offer an extension to other practices’ expertise for the patient’s benefit.

Their online presence is excellent, with a blog and plenty of reviews available to showcase the quality of the service that they offer. Rated 4.8 stars on Google and 5 stars on Facebook, it is clear that they have some delighted customers. Their social media is also a great place to check for the latest practice updates, with profiles on both Facebook and Twitter.

The City Centre Dentist is also catered to those with busy schedules, staying open until 8 pm most evenings and with an online submission form for out-of-hours requests. This much-loved private practice represents a business that cares about its patients, which we like to see as that is something that is very important to us.

Bespoke Dental and Implant Clinic – 482-484 Liverpool Rd, Peel Green, Eccles, Manchester M30 7HZ

Next up is Bespoke Dental and Implant Clinic, which is based in Eccles to the west of the city. This private dentist’s motto, “Transforming Smiles, Transforming Lives,” showcases how important patient experience is to them. 

Boasting a selection of tailor-made treatment plans, they are also supported by dental powerhouse brands, including Osstem Implant, Enlighten Research Laboratories®, and Invisalign®. They are also unique in that facial aesthetic treatments are offered. Services include anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, which are provided to enhance the finished result of specific dental procedures. The practice is also a partner of fellow local businesses, The Proactive Beauty Clinic and The Proactive Physiotherapy Clinic, which means it offers a full well-being service.

Their website is trendy and sleek, which is the perfect representation of what their practice also looks like. Patients can also learn more about practice thanks to their positive testimonials and informative blog. The company also has an Instagram account with over 10k followers. They share plenty of before and after photos that market their services perfectly on their feed.

Finally, they have plenty of positive feedback that appears when you Google the company, showing that their messaging accurately matches the service they offer. We think that this private dental practice showcases amazingly just how dentistry can be seamlessly woven into wider cosmetic procedures.

Ringway Dental – 187 Finney Ln, Heald Green, Cheadle SK8 3PX

Also on our list is Ringway Dental. Based in Cheadle, they offer a whole host of treatments that are supported by various 0% finance payment options. They work with big brand names from the dental industry to provide a service that is equally split between general and cosmetic dentistry services. Further confidence can also be taken from the practice owned and managed by Dr. Dodd, an acclaimed cosmetic dentist.

We think their smile library offers an excellent view of the varying treatment types with various personal accounts of the service that has been received. This is important for seeing an example of work that has been done and supporting nervous patients as they get a chance to see real-life examples of completed work.

If you want to find out more, you can easily pop across to their Facebook and Instagram pages which are again filled with testimonials and behind-the-scenes content which really gets across the friendly and professional nature of the company. Their blog is also great as, unlike some other companies, it shares insights about the actual procedures and aftercare, not just reviews and feedback. This is important to us also, as we want our patients to understand that the service they receive does not just end when they walk out of practice.

Ringway Dental also has several informative videos online that further help to inform patients more about the brand and services.

YOR Dental – UNIT 1, Digital Park, Pacific Way, MediaCity UK, Salford M50 1DR

Another private cosmetic dentist that has made our list of the best the city offers is YOR Dental. Their services cover general dentistry, hygiene, orthodontic, and cosmetic treatments.

The company has been featured on the BBC, ITV, and in the Manchester Evening News, Cheshire Life, and Dentistry magazine. As a big name within the private dental sector, we think it’s brilliant that they highlight the amazing work that services within Manchester have to offer.

Voted the best dental practice in the UK for 2021, their website is full of sleek videos and photos which showcase just how contemporary this practice is. It is also clear to see that they use the most advanced technology, which is attainable to anyone thanks to their financial options.

They also offer a free consultation for patients wanting treatment for anything, which aligns with our mission of making quality dentistry available for anyone. Furthermore, their huge online presence makes it easy to find anything that a new or existing patient would need to know.

Any business that showcases the metropolitan and glamourous side of Manchester that we all know, and love is a standout company in our view.

What makes a good private dentist?

As you will have seen from our round-up, many different types of private services are on offer within the Manchester area. For us, the sign of a company worth spending money on shows how much it cares about its patients. We, therefore, think that you can tell a premium private dentist by the following quality markers:

–         They offer a range of services that are entirely tailorable to individual client needs

–         A wide range of testimonials and reviews can be found not just on their website but also online

–         Emergency and general dentistry should be highly accessible for patients at all times

–         Private practices should also demonstrate their expertise through knowledge sharing

–         They should be catered for all different patients and offer extra support for those who are nervous or unsure about attending

When you are paying for quality private service, you should expect to receive the best, which is something that we think each of these companies does offer in an abundance. They also all let you see exactly what they are about which is important as dental work is a personal experience that needs to be perfect for your own needs.

Why should you choose Didsbury Dental Practice?

In summary, all these practices will offer you excellent treatment and bespoke service, as that is the very nature of what a private practice offers. We think that private dentists Manchester based, are responsible for ensuring their services are always widely available due to the lively nature of this busy city. 

Therefore, we stand out as not only do we offer the broadest range of opening hours across all days of the week, but our team can also be contacted any time of the day. By fulfilling our promise to revolutionise the world of dentistry, we can offer all forms of treatment but at times when you most need them. 

By choosing to carry out your treatment with us, you can rest assured in knowing that you are attending a practice that truly cares about its patients. 

Why not contact us today to find out more? You can either submit a contact form here or call us on 0161 455 0005. 

A happier smile is just a phone call away!

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