Top Tips on Looking After Your Invisalign Aligners

Top Tips on Looking After Your Invisalign Aligners

Top Tips on Looking After Your Invisalign Aligners

Read this blog to learn top tips on looking after your Invisalign aligners, including what to avoid and some useful things to remember.

Looking for top tips on looking after your Invisalign aligners to make sure that you get the most out of them? In this blog, we will cover all the bases so that you know all the dos and don’ts when it comes to your orthodontic treatment.

Today, Invisalign, also called invisible braces, are a popular orthodontic treatment to correct mild to moderate malocclusion. In addition to straightening teeth, Invisalign can help to fix overbites and the aligners can make your face more symmetrical.

This treatment typically works faster than braces and is less painful, all the while giving you fantastic results if you fit the criteria. While you run the tiny risk of getting a lisp due to your invisible aligners, the health benefits vastly outweigh the potential disadvantages.

Top Tips on Looking After Your Invisalign Aligners

Here, we will be going through some top tips on looking after your Invisalign aligners to make sure that they stay in good shape, and your mouth stays in good health. There are a lot of things to remember when it comes to aligners, but a lot of them are straightforward and self-explanatory.

To learn about some useful tips to help you take care of your aligners, keep reading.

1.   Water is Your Only Friend

Water is Your Only Friend

You should not drink anything other than water when you are wearing your Invisalign aligners. In fact, some professionals will suggest that you even remove your aligners when drinking water, so see what your dentist recommends for you personally.

2.   Avoid Hot and Sugary Drinks When Wearing Aligners

There are a few things that you should avoid if you have Invisalign, and hot drinks are one of those unfortunate inclusions. Hot drinks can change the shape of your aligners, and sugary drinks can get trapped between the aligners and your teeth to cause erosion or cavities.

3.   Sugar Free Chewing Gum Helps

Sugar-free chewing gum can help you keep your teeth clean, but will also ensure that your aligners are kept in place. So, if you feel the need to chew on something, opting for gum with no sugar won’t only feel good, but it’s beneficial, too.

4.   Soak Invisalign Aligners in the Solution Your Dentist Gives You

Soak Invisalign Aligners in the Solution Your Dentist Gives You

You should soak your aligners every day to clean them, but make sure that you only soak them in the solution that your dentist gives you. It may be tempting to soak them in mouthwash or even a denture cleaning solution, but these can both cause discolouration. 

If you want your Invisalign aligners to remain invisible, only use the proper cleaning solution.

5.   Keep Your Old Aligners

Misplacing or losing things is easily done, or even breaking a set of aligners. However, because of the nature of this orthodontic treatment, you really don’t want to be without your aligners for a prolonged period of time, or all that hard work can be undone. 

Keep your old aligners so that you can fall back on them if you ever misplace your current set. That way, even if you lose or break them, you will still be able to continue your treatment and the process won’t be interrupted.

6.   Stick to the Two-Hour Rule

You should sleep with your Invisalign in, since the aligners should be in your mouth for between 20 and 22 hours a day. If you fail to wear your aligners long enough, your treatment will take longer.

This means that you can wear them for fewer hours when necessary, but it isn’t recommended. It’s better to proceed with the treatment uninterrupted and on time, so that you don’t need to spend additional months wearing your aligners.

7.   Floss and Brush Before Putting Your Aligners in

In order to prevent any bacteria from building up, you should always brush your teeth thoroughly and floss before putting your aligners back in. Keep both your gums and teeth as clean as you can by following a good dental hygiene routine every time you take your aligners out and put them back in.

8.   Use Those Invisalign Cases

Your Invisalign will come with a case for you to keep your invisible braces in when you’re not wearing them. Not only will storing your Invisalign in their case help you not to lose them, but it will also ensure that they are kept clean and out of harm’s way – especially if you have pets.

9.   Switch Aligners Before You go to Bed

When the time comes for you to switch aligners, aim to do this when you are ready to go to bed. Since there should be no interruptions during the switch period, this is the perfect time, and the discomfort will be minimised since you will be asleep for it.

10.  Prevent Staining by Washing Your Aligners

Prevent Staining by Washing Your Aligners

Finally, don’t forget to wash your aligners. Not only should you avoid drinking particular things to avoid staining, but you also need to wash your aligners frequently. You can gently brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and clear liquid soap to ensure that they stay in good condition.

After you wash them, make sure to rinse them thoroughly and store them in the case when you’re not wearing them.

Don’t Forget About Your Viveras

It’s important to mention that even after your Invisalign treatment, you are not done yet. Do not disregard the post-care if you want to maintain your new smile.

You will need to wear retainers in order to keep your teeth in place after the treatment. This works by the retainer not allowing your teeth to move, so that they set in place over time. Usually, you will need to wear retainers frequently for a minimum of six months after the treatment finishes, but this may be extended.

You may need to wear retainers for the rest of your life to ensure you keep your new smile, but it should only be for a few hours at a time rather than entire days. 

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Now, you may be wondering how much a full set of Invisalign costs. The current starting cost is £3,950 for clear aligners, and retainers start from £140.

However, depending on your personal needs, prices will vary. In order to find out what the cost would be for you to get Invisalign or another orthodontic treatment, why not book a consultation with us, and we can go through everything you need to know?

Top Tips on Caring for Invisalign Aligners: Final Thoughts

Invisalign is an increasingly popular treatment that people are turning to in order to get their perfect smiles, and we can’t blame them. This less painful option gets amazing results, making it worth the money if you have been feeling self-conscious about your smile and want to correct malocclusion.

With that being said, Invisalign is not the perfect solution for everyone, and more severe cases of misaligned teeth will not be fixed with this treatment. For these more severe cases, braces will be necessary, and those come with their own set of dos and don’ts.

If you have been thinking about getting Invisalign, make sure that you know what to expect before you start treatment. It can be a big change, and you will need to alter your lifestyle to fit the treatment. Knowing our top tips on looking after your Invisalign aligners is a great place to start, and hopefully you now feel ready to take it further and book a consultation.

For anyone looking to book an appointment, whether it’s for orthodontic treatment, general checkups, or anything else, please call us on 0161 524 7222 and speak to one of our team.

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