The 24-Hour Manchester Dentist That Will Help With Any Tooth Emergency

24-Hour Manchester Dentist

The 24-Hour Manchester Dentist That Will Help With Any Tooth Emergency

Britain is currently facing a dental crisis. There is a shortage of dentists, a shortage of NHS dental practices and a shortage of funding for them. In fact, the British Dental Association estimates that it would take an additional £880 million a year, simply to restore funding to 2010 levels.​

Additionally, there are long waiting lists for new patients to join a dental practice, so people are being turned away, which is leaving tens of thousands of adults and children with no access to dental care. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem, as it has delayed dental treatments and placed enormous pressure on emergency services.​

All of these issues mean that people are not getting the help they need quickly enough when a tooth emergency arises. Tooth emergencies are very common: they can be anything from severe gum disease, excruciating toothache, infected wisdom teeth, or a knocked-out tooth after a sports injury. Ignoring a tooth emergency could significantly worsen oral health problems and increase the risk of permanent damage, hence why it is crucial to access urgent medical attention in the event of dental emergencies.​

So, where can patients access excellent emergency dental care?​

At Didsbury Dental Practice in South Manchester, highly skilled dental professionals are very accustomed to helping patients with any kind of tooth problem. The dentists at Didsbury Dental will thoroughly assess your teeth and gums and prescribe any necessary medications.​

Offering compassionate dental care in tranquil surroundings, dentists take expert care of their patient’s teeth. The dentists can provide treatment for any type of dental emergency: from severe toothache and tooth infections to broken teeth, lost fillings or broken dentures- Didsbury Dental Practice has got you covered, at any time of day or night.​

Didsbury Dental Practice Reinventing the Dental Experience

Emergency appointments are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including on Bank Holidays and even Christmas Day. To book an emergency appointment, it is not necessary for you to be an existing patient at the practice. Didsbury Dental Practice routinely receives calls from Manchester hotels to provide emergency dental care for their tourist guests.​

The experienced team at Didsbury Dental Practice understand that some patients feel nervous when attending dental appointments- that is why the practice offers services for nervous patients. Choose from dental laser treatment if you do not like the sound of the dentist’s drill, or sedation, to help calm nerves and create the sense that time is passing by quickly.​

All patients at Didsbury Dental Practice are treated with the most sophisticated care and the best customised treatment in a truly relaxed atmosphere- so they are well looked after.​

Rest assured, the staff members at Didsbury Dental Practice will do everything possible to reassure anxious patients and support them through any type of dental emergency, treatment, check-up or consultation.​

Visit the website of Didsbury Dental Practice to learn more.

Find out more about the emergency dental care offered here.

About Didsbury Dental Practice

Didsbury Dental Practice is a leading private dental practice in south Manchester, specialising in emergency dental care, 24/7.​

The team of experienced dental professionals at Didsbury Dental Practice understands that dental problems don’t always stick to 9am to 12am and that people lead busy lives and want dental treatment to fit their lifestyle. That is why emergency dental care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including on Bank Holidays and Christmas Day.​

If you require emergency dental care out-of-hours, visit the website for more information, or call the emergency helpline at 0161 445 0005. Alternatively, walk into the practice and a dentist will see you as soon as possible.​

To learn more about Didsbury Dental Practice, visit the website here.

Find out more information about the emergency dental care available at Didsbury Dental Practice here.

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